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What a Beacon is
to  those  in a storm,
so we will strive to be for
 the young women in our house

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Recreation is an essential part of ou r program. For those with anger or addictions issues, physical activity is a management tool, not an option. Teens are less likely to live active healthy lifestyles than any other demographic, so at Beacon Home we do many varied activities designed to relieve stress, entertain and show that other, poorer choices are not the only option.

Some of these include: go-karting, paintball, rock climbing, horseback riding, scuba diving, leadership training, camping, swimming, boating, trips away to different cities, hiking, snowboarding and skiing, kickboxing, dance, water sports, basketball, personal fitness, canoeing, tobogganing and personal interest sports

Of course not all recreation is or should be physical. We also have low-key activities aimed at each child's personal interests. Such things might include; crafts, going to the movies, painting, reading, do-it-yourself projects, and karaoke.

The point is to find something that each child likes to do and teach them to use this interest to help them manage the less desirable aspects of their lives.

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