Beacon Home

What a Beacon is
to  those  in a storm,
so we will strive to be for
 the young women in our house

445 Railway Ave
Prescott Ontario
K0E 1T0

Phone: 613 925-1541
Fax:     613 925-0541

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Would Your Client Benefit from Our Program?

Is your child out of control?

Would she benefit from structure and consistency?

Does she need an individualized plan?

Are educational services a factor?

Does she lack life skills and practical living skills?

Does she have problems with self-esteem and selffworth?

Is functioning at home difficult due to alcohol or drug use?

Is your child suicidal?

Does your child cope by harming herself?

If you answered yes to even one of these questions, think about our program.

If you answered yes to more than one, call us at  613 925-1541

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  Self Harm and Suicide

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