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What a Beacon is
to  those  in a storm,
so we will strive to be for
 the young women in our house

445 Railway Ave
Prescott Ontario
K0E 1T0

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Per Diem Coverage

Food, lodging and day to day programming Extra fees for specific program requested or
extracurricular activities (dance, kickboxing etc.)
Travel for programming and local appointments Travel over 200km for specialized appointments, or
special requested programming
YMCA membership

 Long distance telephone coverage to approved family
 and friends

$50.00/month clothing allowance paid monthly Possible clothing upgrade on intake, and winter clothing allowance. Also, any specialty clothing needs

Over the Counter Medication, the first $60.00 for medical prescriptions and the first $30.00 for dental exams $lO.OO/week for allowances
(girls can earn up to $40.00/week doing extra work)

All other medical, dental and optical bills including
ambulance services

A top up on birthday and Xmas monies to bring up to provincial average. (Up to $40.00 for birthdays and $100.00 for Xmas)
$40.00 for birthdays and $100 for Xmas contribution
by agency

 Better brand names (girls can earn this
  through behaviour or use allowances)

Specialty assessments (psychological, psychiatric,
orthopaedic, orthodontic, etc.)
Long distance telephone coverage to approved family and friends

  1-1 when child cannot work within a home school
  program and needs additional support despite smaller
  class size and modified program. Discussed on an as  
  needed basis.


Hygiene monies

$20.00 for every credit earned at school and supplies needed (book bag, paper, math sets, school pictures etc.)
Extra school user fees, if attending the mainstream program ie field trips, BH school program is covered.

 Educational materials and delivery by
 an EA when being enrolled in Beacon
  Home school program

All expenses incurred by staff when escorting residents on home visits or during other travel outside the 200 km free limit

Recreation - These are some of the types of group things that we schedule on a no cost basis to the agencies: movies, laser tag, bowling, museum outings, festivals, Powwows, skating, horseback riding (recreational not therapeutic), go-carting, drive-ins, swimming, scuba-diving, crafting.  Specific individual programming that is required on a regulr basis is negotiate with the placing agency.

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