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Practical Living Concept

For those that work in this field, the most frustrating and saddening factor is to have a child do everything that is asked of them, then have them go home, and it all falls apart. This is devastating to the child and most girls don't understand what happened and often blame themselves. In an effort to combat this, Beacon Home implements the Practical Living Concept.

PLC is the idea that sensible, good choices take practice to become a consistent part of daily life. Learning to cope is just that, a learning experience and takes exploration and yes, sometimes, failure. Taking away a child's ability to make a bad choice strips them of the chance to learn from it, fix it, and know how to carry on after it. For the girls that are headed to living alone with a small or non-existent support system, or the ones headed back to an environment that may not have changed all that much, the ability to make mistakes and learn from them is essential to how well they will do on their own.

During their stay with us, as they build trust and a toolbox of coping skills, they also earn the chance to show what they have learned and how well they will use it. By allowing them to take controlled risks we encourage them to think critically and responsibly and give them a safety net if they make a choice that isn't in their best interest.

Part of the coping skills that we teach at Beacon Home is how to right wrongs, understand our choices and how to get up with our heads held high after a fall. Nobody can create "happily ever after", but we can hope for "better for always". The goal of PLC is to have the child want to produce consistent sustainable results rather than strive for unrealistic perfection that will lead to the destruction of self-esteem .

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