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Education is a component at Beacon Home that cannot be stressed enough. Through education we help our girls expand options that can change the outcome of their lives. A learning program is compulsory but we understand that not all people learn at the same speed, level, or in the same manner. Therefore we have worked hard on the educational program and have developed flexible options based on a child's needs. All of our programs are approved by the Ministry of Education through the Upper Canada District School Board and overseen by a qualified teacher. Education facilitators help to tutor those that have special needs

Mainstream traditional - This is for the girls that function well within the traditional school model and need little guidance. We will strive to match courses from their previous school to ease transition

Mainstream modified - This is for those that can function in traditional school, but need modified academics. Each girl is assigned a Support Worker within the school who helps them with the workload and assists if they need tutoring. The class sizes are usually smaller and/or the workload is modified to match the needs of the students

Temporary modification - This is when a child comes to us and for various reasons cannot attend mainstream school at once. Examples of this could be the timing of the admission, stabilization of behaviour, or suspensions. The child is admitted to Beacon Home School and enrolled with the local school board. They will work on Independent Learning material outlined by the Ministry of Education criteria. All work done will be credited toward their diploma and follow them to their next school. When they are able, they will return to one of the mainstream options.

Behavioural Option - This is for those that cannot function within a school setting due to acting out behaviour. Their educational level is assessed and a course load is chosen with the child. Smaller class size and flexibility of the zero tolerance policy adopted by the school system help to make this a viable option.

Remedial Program - This option is for the child who has large gaps in their learning and is working significantly below their grade level. Working with their IEP and recommendations from assessments, material is developed to quickly help this child gain confidence and core skills. Depending on the level, entire blocks of educational material is reworked to be theme-based, hands on and visual, allowing for a more interactive participation.

Summer Program - All of our girls attend a summer program during the summer break. This consists of three half days where each girl works on one or two credits in an effort to catch up and keep their skills current. Often with children in residential settings we find that frequent moves or behaviour have led to gaps in their learning or falling behind in the number of credits they have completed. Our summer program's small class size and intensive support helps them to get back on track and ready them for the next semester.

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