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to  those  in a storm,
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Culture is important at Beacon Home because where you come from is often just as important as where you might be going to. Our personal identities and how we see ourselves is tied to our roots. We try to foster cultural pride in our ladies and an understanding, not only of their own culture, but also the other unique identities that make our world so interesting.

We honour ancestors, traditions and encourage them in many ways. In our cooking program we ask each girl to get recipes from family members that remind them of good times and help them to make it and share it with others. We talk about families and traditions and gain understanding of our differences and similarities. We have nights devoted to different cultures and its' peoples.

For those that have specific cultural needs we find resources, activities or groups that will help them stay in touch with their identities. For example, for Aboriginal youth placed in our home we work closely with Minwasshin Lodge, Odawa Native Friendship Centre, and Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health in Ottawa. These centers provide counselling, native study and native recreation. They offer Youth Circle Groups, Inspirational speakers, traditional tongue lessons, drumming circles, native craft sessions and cultural activities to our girls who are sometimes very far away from home and in need of connecting with their native culture.

Although we honour and celebrate culture, a hard line is taken for those that use racism and prejudice to hurt or humiliate others. Often we will ask a child that disrespects certain aspects of people's race or beliefs mentor with that person and do significant research on the culture and their beliefs, history and advantages. It may include a group discussion on what they've learned, and what the similarities are to their own.

We believe that the world would be pretty boring if everything in it was the same size, shape and colour, and we strive to have a common understanding that our differences are useful and inspiring.

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